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When Rui attacks him with his Blood Demon Art, Tanjiro prepares himself for unavoidable passing. As his life flashes before his eyes, he out of nowhere recalls his dad's move, the kagura, and releases another, non-Water Breathing assault. Hinokami Kagura Dance. Realizing that he'll be getting a synchronous blow from the devil, he utilizes his new move to cut off Rui's head. As Tanjiro slithers towards Nezuko, who lies on the ground, filled with wounds, somebody shows up before him.

Tanjiro crumples from his injuries and creeps towards Nezuko, who has fallen and isn't moving. He smells blood behind him and acknowledges he ordinarily smells debris when evil presences were murdered by his blade. Rui stands and returns his head on. He reveals to Tanjiro he cut his neck with one of his own strings when he understood he would be executed by the nichirin blade, which would have slaughtered him. Infuriated, he encloses Tanjiro with strings to mince him, just for Giyu to show up and spare him. Giyu salutes Tanjiro on holding out until he showed up. Rui tosses a sheet of strings at Giyu, who uses Water Breathing's eleventh structure (there are just ten authoritatively) to shred them when they contact him. Giyu then executes him. As the Daughter runs, she recalls when she was being pursued by Demon Hunters and spared by Rui, promising to join his family. Rui took care of her a portion of his blood, giving her present appearance. 

There were numerous kin Rui had imparted his blood to and he demanded they profess to be a family. On the off chance that they accomplished something Rui didn't care for he'd rebuff them, once in a while by injuring them, different occasions hanging them up and letting the daylight kill them. In this way the numbers diminished to five. The Daughter goes over Murata and entraps him in a case loaded up with corrosive that will condense him, just to be thumped to the ground by Shinobu. After the Daughter asks for her life and faults Rui for her activities, Shinobu asks her what number of individuals which she's murdered, saying (grinning at the same time) that once she torments her suitably for all the individuals she's killed (gouge out her eyes, tear out her organs, ect.), they can be companions and her wrongdoings will be pardoned. The Daughter can't so Shinobu utilizes her Insect Breathing to approach and cut her neck with her blade. Shinobu's blade is sharp just at the tip as she comes up short on the solidarity to execute evil spirits. 

Notwithstanding, Daughter kicks the bucket seconds after the fact from the wisteria-based poison Shinobu created and covered her blade with. Shinobu then liberates Murata. Tanjiro makes it to Nezuko and curtains himself over her body defensively. As Rui bites the dust, he thinks he made the imagine family since he had no recollections of when he was human, and he thought in the event that he could feel a familial bond, his recollections would return. He views Tanjiro and Nezuko, wishing he had what they had.

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