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Seeing Tanjiro attempt to secure Nezuko even as he crumples triggers recollections of Rui's own past. When a wiped out kid, he turned into an evil spirit subsequent to meeting Muzan Kibutsuji who gave him a portion of his blood. However, after he transforms into a devil, his own folks attempt to murder him. Since the time at that point, he has been scanning for a family. Looking for a bond that he can never would like to gain...

As Rui kicks the bucket, he is at long last ready to recall his human life. He was brought into the world with a delicate body, rendering him confined to bed - until Kibutsuji had compassion for him and transformed him into an evil spirit, giving him a solid body. His dad at that point attempted to murder him while his mom sat idle, so Rui slew them both, figuring they weren't his genuine guardians as guardians should secure their kids. His mom's final words were that she was sorry she was unable to give Rui a solid body, and his dad had proposed to end it all in the wake of murdering him. He understands past the point of no return it was a certified bond all things considered, which damaged him. Kibutsuji returned and revealed to him it was his folks' shortcoming for not tolerating him and Rui acknowledged that somewhat then reality. He missed his genuine guardians so much he stifled the memory of them, however was perpetually discontent with his phony family. Tanjiro recovers cognizance as Rui's body crumples not long before contacting him and Nezuko. Overpowered by the aroma of sorrow he distinguished from it, he connected with Rui. Rui apologized to his folks as he blurred away, his soul ready to rejoin with his folks'.  

Giyu steps on Rui's garments after his body breaks up and Tanjiro begs him not to. He will slaughter evil spirits decisively however accepts they are more deplorable than frightening animals. Giyu out of nowhere perceives Tanjiro and Nezuko from their gathering two years prior. Shinobu runs towards them and Tanjiro shields Nezuko with his body as Giyu hinders Shinobu's sharp edge from striking Nezuko's neck, astounding her when he takes a protective position before the kin. Giyu advises him to take Nezuko and run while he holds off Shinobu, which Tanjiro does. Tanjiro is out of nowhere kicked to the ground by Tsuyuri, the young lady who finished Final Selection with Tanjiro, one of Shinobu's clanmates. Tanjiro advises Nezuko to run, just to be thumped oblivious by Tsuyuri, who at that point attempts to slaughter the escaping Nezuko. Giyu has caught Shinobu, who cautions him that he is acting against Corps rules. 

Kasugai crows, who had been watching, interfere with everybody by saying Tanjiro and Nezuko were to be arrested and taken back to central command, so Tsuyuri, Giyu, and Shinobu all sheathe their sharp edges. Inosuke is found, however fumes to himself as he was unable to successfully stop a solitary evil presence without anyone else, and starts to contemplate on the truth of his quality. Zenitsu and different casualties of the senior child, even those now bugs, have been treated by the Kakushis, a cleanup unit of the Corps, and are to be brought to the Butterfly Mansion for additional treatment. The sun ascends finally. Tanjiro later stirs, tied up, before the Hashira, the lead fighters of the Demon Slayers.

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