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Ubuyashiki, the pioneer of the Demon Slayer Corps, at long last shows up before Tanjiro. He discloses to him that he will permit Tanjiro and Nezuko to join the Corps. Be that as it may, five of the Hashira can't acknowledge this choice immediately. The Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, cuts his own arm and insults Nezuko with his blood, attempting to get her to give her real nature as an evil spirit.

Tanjiro is stuck by Obanai yet utilizes a breathing procedure to break the ropes on his wrists and hurries to Nezuko while Giyu snatches Obanai so he doesn't meddle any further. He stops by the patio and shouts to her, realizing he can't meddle straightforwardly. Nezuko recalls her family and controls her senses, turning away from Sanemi. The Master accepts that as verification that she can be trusted and Sanemi stops, stunned and upset. 

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The Master advises Tanjiro and Nezuko to go out and rout evil presences and substantiate themselves and Tanjiro announces that the kin will overcome Kibutsuji, however the Master tenderly calls attention to that he's so sick outfitted he would do well to begin with a Twelve Moon, humiliating him - however the Hashira get used to him a few, respecting his soul. Two Kakushi, at Kocho's guidance, take Nezuko (again in her crate) and Tanjiro to the Kocho chateau. 

Tanjiro attempts to return to headbutt Sanemi for each time which Sanemi cut Nezuko, yet Muichiro wrecks him with three all around put rock strikes to the head educating him that there is a convention: Do not interfere with the Master. Tanjiro is removed once more. As he leaves, the Master advises Tanjiro to give Miss Tamayo his respects, making Tanjiro understand that he realizes that there are acceptable evil presences. At the Butterfly Manor, the Kakushi search for somebody to request that consent enter and discover Tsuyuri, a Tsuguko (a fighter prepared by a Hashira). At the point when they ask authorization, she grins yet doesn't talk, confounding them. 

A Kocho young lady interferes with them and escorts them to the clinic; in it, Zenitsu is whimpering about the harsh medication which he should take to regrow his appendages, despite everything disfigured from the venom. Zenitsu and Tanjiro cheerfully welcome one another, and Zenitsu calls attention to Inosuke, quietly laying in a bed close to him. Tanjiro is assuaged that he endure and Inosuke roughly says not to stress, his voice harmed from the injuries which he was given by the Father evil presence. He's discouraged and apologizes for being so frail. Nezuko is given her very own room and she just makes it part way out of her container before nodding off. Tanjiro avows his guarantee to transform her into a human. 

The Hashira, in the mean time, continue their gathering. The evil presences are in a functioning stage at the present time and the Corps needs to enlist new individuals, and train them well, as Sanemi calls attention to that the occasions at Mt. Natagumo clarified that the gauge of non-Hashira Demon Slayers has dove. Shinobu KochoIt voices that it is hard to enroll in this time however the same number of don't accept that evil presences exist and the more people there are, the less brought together they become. Gyomei Himejima states that solitary the individuals who have lost friends and family to evil spirits or slipped from devil slayers are joining the Corps and asking laypeople who do not have the will to battle would be excessively pitiless. 

The Master accepts that Rui's extraordinary activities affirm that Kibutsuji is no place close by as at whatever point the ancestor needs to shroud something, he makes a redirection elsewhere that can't be overlooked. After everybody leaves, the Master promises that they will bring Kibutsuji down as a matter of course.

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