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The bootcamp from damnation proceeds for Tanjiro. He pushes his body as far as possible and past lastly it appears that the preparation is paying off. He's more grounded, quicker, and increasingly dexterous. Zenitsu and Inosuke have some genuine making up for lost time to do. We should simply say, I'm happy I'm not in their position. We should perceive how they went in Demon Slayer: How Heavy are the Dumbbells you can Lift version!

Tanjiro proceeds with his day in and day out focus breathing with the assistance of the cheering trio. Zenitsu and Inosuke begin feeling somewhat remorseful about remaining in bed throughout the day. They visit Shinobu to find out about what preparing system Tanjiro is under. She gives them a fast diagram of the focus breathing and persuades them to attempt their best. The young men are back together! The scene additionally gives us a touch of knowledge into Kanao's awful past and her history with Shinobu and Kanae Kocho. The scene closes with the presence of another evil presence that requirements killing. 

Cheer Squad goes well beyond: The stars of this scene were certainly the cheer trio. They consent to look out for Tanjiro while he rests to ensure he proceeds with the fixation relaxing. The trio go through the entire day taking care of Tanjiro in addition to they need to accomplish their own work undertakings; they should be depleted! Yet they watch over Tanjiro without protest since they really need him to succeed. Three cheers for the dedicated trio! 

Shinobu's appeal: A couple of scenes prior when Shinobu was prodding Giyu about nobody loving him it was clear she could be sharp with her words. In any case, presently I've understood she's persuasive as well as extremely adroit. She knows precisely what to state to get the response she needs from individuals. She knows to get Inosuke started up she needs to challenge him yet Zenitsu requires some delicate and sweet cheering. Gosh, I revere Shinobu, she's acceptable at everything! 

No one breaks my blades!: I completely lost it seeing the two swordsmiths blowing up at Tanjiro and Inosuke. That first scene of Tanjiro and Insouke so eager to get their blades just to be welcomed by Haganezuka pursuing them with a blade – comical! What's more, that complexity of when the swordsmiths were leaving and Tanjiro abundantly saying 'sorry' while Inosuke grasps Tanjiro's shirt like a little kid was great!

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