Friendship Day: Shraddha Kapoor’s best friend Eshanka is like a ‘tattoo in her heart’

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On Friendship Day, actor Shraddha Kapoor and Dubai-based event manager Eshanka Wahi tell all about growing up as best friends, and how Eshanka reacts to fans chasing Shraddha for selfies.


Call them partners in crime or soulmates for life —actor Shraddha Kapoor and her BFF, Eshanka Wahi, an event manager, don’t need a special day to celebrate their friendship. Going for exotic holidays, letting their hair down at parties, being part of each other’s family gatherings and enjoying most of their special days together, the two have been together since forever now.

“I’ve known Saha [as Shraddha fondly calls her best friend] since she was born,” quips Shraddha, boasting that she happens to be a year and a half older to Eshanka. Glad to have found a friend for life in Shraddha, Eshanka adds, “Imagine being born and coming into this world and already having a best friend. Isn’t that great? I feel so lucky.”

Today, on Friendship Day, in an exclusive chat with HT, Shraddha and Eshanka unravel some fun facts and little secrets too, about their bond they’ve shared over the years.


How would you describe the bond you share with each other?

Shraddha: We’ve known each other for our whole lives now, so it feels like she is an extension of me. She’s like a permanent tattoo that I know is going to be there forever. It’s like a tattoo in my heart.

Eshanka: It’s actually indescribable. It’s surreal. She’s always been this guardian angel in my life, fixing everything for me. Even though I have an elder sister, I would always look up to Shraddha to solve my problems.

Did anything change after Shraddha became an actor, considering her busy schedule?

Eshanka: In my head, I can’t believe that she is an actor. When we go on holiday and people call out for pictures, I keep on shouting saying ‘what is this?’ Recently, we were in Italy and at a place where we didn’t expect anybody to show up and ask for a photo. And there we saw a battalion of sardaars and I just cracked up.

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