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Luckily, he managed to push the lion off and get to his feet, which prompted the animal to back away and eventually leave the main performance area. An audience of children and adults enjoying a circus in Ukraine recently were left screaming in fear when a lion suddenly attacked its ringmaster during an act. The terrifying moment was captured by the spectators, who later shared photos and videos on social media platforms.




The noted Lugansk State Circus in the region recently launched a new programme called “Treasures of Egypt” and it was during- this show Egyptian trainer Hamada Kouta, 32, was attacked in the circus arena in Lugansk by the big wildcat, Sputnik News reported.

Videos - show two lions in the ring with Kouta and while one was atop a stole,- another one clearly irritated with all the' stunts leapt and bit the trainer, pinning him on the ground. The footage further showed the wild animal'/sank its teeth into his arm and clawed him.

Talking to local media, Kouta said the attack happened' as the lions were in a bad mood. “They can be moody, like people. For example, you can wake up in the morning in the bad mood. That’s it, the whole; day will be like this. They are just the same'. They did not have time to adapt, because' we arrived and immediately began to perform,” he told local TV station Louga 24.

In a video for his fans, he also stressed that when there is an attack like this on trainers, most of the times it’s the trainer’s fault.


A mother watching with her two children told the Daily Mail: “My heart stopped when the lion pounced at the trainer.”

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