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"The Secrets to Drawing" is an extensive learning experience intended to control supreme apprentices and middle craftsmen through the center establishments of drawing through brief and modules that incorporate recordings and digital books.


This blog is my willful support of the general public and understudies network specifically. All documents are allowed to download and transferred for the advantages of understudies and educators. These materials are not for business reason in any structure.

What you'll learn-

> Before the finish of this course, the understudy will have a solid comprehension of the center ideas of drawing including materials, cycles, and gadgets.

Requirement -

> No earlier information is fundamental.


     Drawing is an ability that is found out and created and this video course is intended to give you the information that you have to draw better very quickly! Anybody can figure out how to draw. Every part of drawing is separated into "simple to follow" and "straightforward" portions total with drawing showings and discourse. All exercises are introduced in High Definition!
    There are a sum of 28 HD recordings with more than 500 minutes of drawing guidance. The course additionally incorporates 26 digital books that join for 178 pages with 498 shading representations.


This is what's incorporated...

1 – "Presentation"- A prologue to "The Secrets to Drawing" video arrangement.


2 – "Line" – A glance at the component of workmanship, line and its relationship to drawing. Ideas secured incorporate form, dazzle shape, line quality, and cross shape lines.


3 – "Shape" – A gander at how shapes can be utilized to draw anything. Ideas secured incorporate mathematical and natural shapes, utilizing shapes to draw objects.


4 – "Structure" – A glance at how to make the hallucination of structure on a 2- Dimensional surface. Ideas secured incorporate transforming shapes into structures, utilizing shadow to assist the figment.


5 – "Worth" – This video investigates the component of workmanship, worth and its relationship with drawing. Ideas investigated incorporate colors, shades, features and shadows, and making the figment of a light source.


6 – "Space" – This video investigates how to make the hallucination of room on a 2-Dimensional surface. Ideas secured incorporate covering, size, esteem/shading, detail, arrangement on the paper, and straight viewpoint.


7 – "One Point Perspective" – Space is investigated further in this video through one point viewpoint. Ideas secured incorporate skyline line, evaporating point, one point viewpoint.


8 – "Two Point Perspective" – A glance at how to utilize two guide viewpoint toward make the dream of room in a drawing. Ideas secured incorporate skyline line, disappearing focuses, two point viewpoint.


9 – "Three Point Perspective" – A gander at making the fantasy of room through three point viewpoint. Ideas secured incorporate evaporating focuses, skyline line, steps to three point viewpoint.


10 – "Drawing Techniques" – A gander at fundamental drawing strategies and proposed media. Ideas secured incorporate medium, incubating, cross bring forth, mixing, delivering, arbitrary lines, and texturing.


11 – "Drawing from Life" – Tips on drawing from life. Ideas secured incorporate still life lighting, utilizing a view locater, and locating strategies.


12 – "Drawing from Photos" – How to draw sensible drawings from photos. Ideas secured incorporate trimming photographs, altering photographs, making a network, drawing with the guide of the matrix.


13 – "Structure" – How to make fruitful creations in drawings. Ideas secured incorporate outlining thumbnails, positive and negative space, Plato's Rule, The Rule of Thirds, The Golden Mean, eye development, and how to make central focuses.


14 – "Graphite" – A portrayal and attributes of the drawing medium, graphite. Ideas investigated incorporate graphite grades, qualities, structures, and methods.


15 – "Charcoal" – A glance at the drawing medium, charcoal. Ideas secured incorporate charcoal structures and applications.


16 – "Drawing with Ink" – An investigation of the drawing mechanism of ink. Ideas secured incorporate ink wash, picking the correct ink, pen and ink applications with a nib pen.


17 – "Shading" – A gander at the three pieces of shading hypothesis and how it impacts shading decisions in our drawings. Ideas secured include: the shading wheel, essential, optional, tertiary, shading esteems, shading power, mental impacts of shading, shading plans, monochromatic, reciprocal, shading sets of three, shading quadruplicates, comparable to, warm, cool, part correlative.


18 – "Shaded Pencils" – How to utilize hued pencils. Ideas secured incorporate layering, blending, developing hues, polishing, and including subtleties.


19 – "Oil Pastels" – An investigation into the drawing mechanism of oil pastels. Ideas secured incorporate layering, blending, and scene drawing with oil pastels.


20 – "Delicate Pastels" – A top to bottom gander at the utilization of delicate pastels in the making of a seascape. Ideas secured incorporate legitimate utilization of delicate pastels including smearing and layering hues.


21 – "Facial Proportions" – A gander at essential facial extents from the front and profile sees. Ideas secured incorporate general areas of facial highlights and situation connections.


         "The Eye" – A top to bottom glance at drawing a natural eye.


        "The Nose and the Mouth" – A gander at drawing the nose and the mouth.


        "The Ear" – A glance at drawing the human ear with graphite.


        "Hair" – A glance at drawing hair with graphite.


22 – "Fundamental Figure Drawing" – An essential prologue to figure drawing including a straightforward four stage strategy for drawing a figure.


23 – "Foreshortening" – Drawing the figure in context.


24 – "Decision" – A survey of the course and an arrangement for pushing ahead.


Who this course is for:

    * This course is intended for anybody hoping to improve their drawing abilities


Thank you

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